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Why We’re Different

Why We’re Different

What sets us apart from other investment advisory firms? There are many things, but we will outline the three most important.

  1. Education. Clay Capital Management, LLC firmly believes that an educated client is a happy client. We want you to know what we are doing, how we are doing it, and, most important, why.  How does the market work? What can you expect when you become our client? What is our investment methodology and what does it mean to you? These questions and more are answered for you in our weekly Subscribers Special Report.  We are available to you at any time to answer questions and calm fears. And you can expect at least an annual review of your financial plan. 
  2. Relative Strength. In our opinion, relative strength is the most robust and adaptable method of security analysis. By building a portfolio of strong, relative strength investments, our clients are able to participate in the trends of the market both short-term and long- term. Many portfolio managers, as well as academic studies, advocate relative strength analysis as a viable methodology designed to outperform the market over time. In his book What Works on Wall Street?, James P. O’Shaughnessy tested, in a rigorous manner, what investing strategies can actually be proven to work in the stock market. His results were rather conclusive. He wrote, “Relative strength is one of the criteria in all 10 of the top-performing strategies, proving the maxim that you should never fight the tape.”
  3. Independence. We are privately held and are not tied to any proprietary products or services. We work for you. We get to know you, your goals and aspirations, your fears, and concerns, and we work together to create a future that you can live with.

You, as our client, are the most important person in this company. We want to be the last investment advisor you have, and we will work hard every day to make sure that happens.

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